Compound Post

First, Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I originally wanted make three separate posts this week. That didn’t work out. So I’m combining things I wanted to talk about. On Tuesday I did stand-up and actually made people genuinely laugh. An aspect of comedy, that I now realize, is that you have to enjoy the perspective of making people laugh. I was scared to look at peoples faces. I think that has to do with my anxiety issues, but stand-up and therapy are helping. I find that my conversations off stage are getting noticeably better. Noticed by me. I have a habit of being hyper vigilant of my actions. Which is probably a defense because I’m afraid of how terrible I can be. The fear of hurting everyone causes me to direct the energy towards myself #NarcissisticDefense. I’ll bring this up with my therapist. Went for a job interview on Wed and I got the job! So excited to be making more money. The job itself is also rewarding, so that’s a bonus. Thanksgiving was great, saw extended fam that I haven’t seen in so long. Ate so much food that I made 7 new fat jokes. One of which was so high in cholesterol that it had a heart attack the following day #sadbois. I had a dream that this blog actually gets popular. Hope it was a prognostic dream!

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The generality of man distilled into something I can tolerate without feeling the need to kill someone or myself.... #sadbois

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